Once Upon a Time....

Welcome to the End of the World; a Mānuka honey company from New Zealand sourcing our liquid gold from the remote corners of our country and doing everything in our power to prevent the demise of honeybees and the human race. You can thank us later.

What you folks have dubbed an apocalypse haven, we’re lucky enough to call home. Isolated islands at the bottom of the world map where the air is cleaner, the grass is greener, and hives are placed in wild uncultivated areas where our native Manuka tree flourishes. 

Raw, Non-GMO and faraway from pollution, our Mānuka honey is the way nature intended before us two-legged creatures came along. 

By now you must know that our civilization’s survival is tied oh so closely with that of bees and enjoying honey daily means we all stick around a little longer. But we believe life is not just about avoiding our impending doom. Here at End of the World, we hold the ethical treatment of bees high, really high. In our corner of the world- antibiotics are illegal, plus when we source our Mānuka Honey- we ensure the bees come first- it’s called ethical honey- it’s our concept to create a sustainable planet and take care of our hard working friends. By growing healthy hive populations in the event the rest of world needs them, New Zealand is the place to bee.

Round or flat- we love our Mother Earth, with sustainable packaging and a tree planted on your behalf with every pot purchased, the more you eat, the more we plant. You’re welcome. 

Much more than just a delicious addition to your daily life, our Mānuka honey improves your chances of survival too. An ancient remedy applied by our ancestors and proven hundreds of years later by modern science, it’s got the goods. It’s what we call a super food.

Though of course, according to food guidelines there are things we can and can’t tell you it does.
We can’t tell you that high-MGO Mānuka honey helps improves *******, soothes sore ******, supports ****** *******, reduces the risk of ******** and has powerful ********* properties.  If we told you that, it really would be the end of the world. So we won’t. We can tell you however that it has incredible natural antimicrobial properties, and it is used world-wide for its medicinal properties. In all honesty- just give it a wee google. 

We can also tell you that it’s simply the best, of the best and we bet our world on it.

Consume daily, spread the good word and do your part to save civilization one honey pot at the time.

Warmest Regards, 

The End of the World Honey Company

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