Multi-floral Mānuka Honey MGO 45+

Batch 0020920A Multi-floral Mānuka honey is a great buy. It's certified as multi-floral but it packs all the goodness of an active Mānuka- sitting at 98mg/kg of Methylglyoxal (MGO)- well above the required 83mg/kg to be classified as a 5+.

Sourced from the Canterbury High Country and Tongariro National Park, there are some major similarities to our MGO 100+ in terms of flavour, texture and aroma.

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End of the World Ethical Honey

This honey was sourced sustainably and ethically by experienced New Zealand beekeepers, registered under New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries and under a strict Risk Management Program, as well as adhering to our strict ethical standards.

You can view our ethical beekeeping practices here.

You can read more about MPI & RMP programs here.

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An MGO (methylglyoxal) of 98+ wayyyyy above the advertised 45+ makes this jar a very, very good buy. A 2.2 DHA/MGO ratio indicates more growth too, reaching it’s maximum level of around a 6+ in 2022. The HMF of 9.0mg/kg indicates the honey has not had any heat treatment or high temperature storage.

A great edition to smoothies, cereal, protein shakes or on drizzled on multigrain toast as a daily boost to your overall health and wellbeing.

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